Based in Melbourne, Australia

Founding date:
December 4, 2013


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Under The Sun



Stegabyte is a Melbourne, Australia based independent game studio consisting of Tim Glew and Alex Tulloh. They try to make games that are fun but not fluffy.


About Stegabyte

Tim and Alex have been working at VastPark since 2010, and in 2013 decided to make games on the side as a creative outlet. When they managed to acquire some funding for their first game, Under the Sun, their hobby got a little more serious and Stegabyte was formalised. In 2014, they intend to share what they’ve made, soon demoing at GDC and PAX EAST. In the meantime they have been getting to know local Melbourne developers, and recently participated in the 2014 Global Game Jam.

Tim Glew

Tim grew up playing games, loving the speed and challenge of Super Mario World and the intensity of blowing up friends in Red Alert. It was true lasting love, as he still enjoys playing every Mario and beating all his friends in Dota 2. In 2005 he spontaneously enrolled in Game Development at Victoria University, ditching his media course on his first day when a games tutor offered him a seat. Tim has created 3D assets and scripted interactive scenes at various companies, landing at VastPark, where he has been since 2009. At VastPark his work is split over creating assets, designing and scripting virtual worlds, and project management. His time is devoted to all things he loves; work, games, gardening, and a great family.

Alex Tulloh

Alex wasn’t allowed a console until high school, so he had to sneak next-door every day to play his neighbour’s various consoles and PC games. He fell in love with The Incredible Machine, loving the exposed systems and the creativity that could be used to solve puzzles. He then studied Games Design at RMIT, in an effort to better learn how to make his own systems, before beginning work at VastPark in 2010. At VastPark, he develops internal software, working with physics, rendering, networking and game logic. He loves living in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, where he and his wife enjoy the world’s greatest coffee.



Under the Sun - A 4D puzle game YouTube


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